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OverDrive Media Console for Windows Phone

OverDrive released OverDrive Media Console for Windows Phone, which enables Windows Phone users to download EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks from your Heyworth Public Library. We’re excited for this release, not just because library eBooks and audiobooks will be available on popular smartphones such as LG Quantum, Samsung Focus, and HTC Trophy, but also because it means OverDrive now supports every major mobile and desktop operating system, including Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone (iOS), Android, and BlackBerry. If you haven’t given OverDrive a try, now is the time. If you tried it back in February and weren’t satified, OverDrive has made many upgrades in this short time to help users get started with OverDrives free software that enables the download of free use eBooks and MP3 audiobooks. Use the HELP! tab and it will walk you through the steps to downloading the OverDrives free software to your computer or your devices. A direct link is on our websites home page at heyworthlibrary.com. Give it a try today.


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