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Weekly Newsletter ~ November 21, 2012

With Thanksgiving in our hearts, we have many people and organizations to thank as we look back on 2012.  We are grateful to Ed Pyne, Jan Stawser, and Diana Green for putting together the Heyworth Buzz each week, sharing news, as well as our history in the Looking Back section.  We appreciate our volunteer Library Board of Trustees for their seven-year terms giving guidance and overseeing the policies of the library.  Many thanks to our two very gracious ladies that volunteer weekly with our book sale, and organize our local history collection.  Thank you Dee Frazier and Shirley Koch! Thank you to Lona Soice, Charlette O’Dea, and Richard Gray for spearheading the renewed interest in our local history,and beginning our Heyworth Oral History Project.

Kudos to Heyworth H.S. East Project for tackling the digitizing of our local history and the mapping of our local cemeteries. We can’t wait to see your final projects that will benefit our community now and in the future! Thank you to Faith in Action for making the library building sparkle a little more each year.  We love the energy and enthusiasm the Heyworth FFA puts into anything we ask of them to be done at the library from cleaning and decorating to prepping for painting.

Many thanks to our local Heyworth General Federated Women’s Club for all the monetary gifts donated each year to purchase new materials, and gifts to supplement our children’s programs.  Thank you to all the local businesses that donate funds to support our summer reading programs each year to benefit the youth in our community.

Thank you to all who have volunteered or donated materials to the library this past year. We KNOW this is not a complete list of all the wonderful organizations and people that have given of their time, talents, and donations.  We truly are a community organization that reflects the wonderful community we represent.

Upcoming Events and Programs:

Guitar Hero Challenge!  Saturday, Nov. 24, all day –  Stop by and

sign up for your 15 min time slot, all ages welcome to participate. One time slot per person.

Prizes for Advance and Beginners.

First Prize:  $15.00 iTune gift card

Second Prize: $5.00  Subway gift card

Third Prize: $5.00  Noodles gift card

Couponing 101          Nov. 27, 6:30 pm – sign up.

Holiday Open House     Dec. 11, 3pm – 8 pm –

Make and take craft – warm drinks –   specials in our book sale room!

LEGO Time!  11/27 @ 3:20 pm; Fourth – Tuesdays of each Month.

Canine Reading Buddies Program  Will BEGIN again in January!

Monday Evening Book Club  11/26 @ 6:30 pm; The Fourth Monday of each Month; Join us as we read a wide selection of books and discuss what we liked and didn’t like.

Friday Afterschool Movies  Every Friday @ 3:20 pm

The Society for Creative Destruction  12/4 @ 10 am; Every first Saturday.

New Material on shelves:

Don’t forget to check out our cake pans for the holiday season and birthdays.  We now have a collection of over 60 pans available.  Free seven day check out available with your Heyworth Library card!

Many thanks to the Shankel family for donating MANY beloved cake pans used by the late Leta Shankel.  Ms. Shankel decorated cakes for many in our community with these pans and they will be a great legacy of her sweet touch to our community.

All of our Holiday books are out on the shelves.  Come find inspiration, decorating, recipe, and party ideas.  We also have many holiday fiction stories from favorite authors available for adults and children.  We have MANY holiday DVDs available as well.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask!  We can get books/materials from anywhere in the state through interlibrary loan.

DVD Movie titles:

Magic Mike, Classic: Christmas in Connecticut, and BRAVE are available this week. Our NEW DVD movies can be loaned for three nights for $1.00. All others are available for 7 nights for $1.00.

Adult: The Forgotten by David Baldacci and Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich.


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