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Weekly Newsletter ~ May 8, 2013: What is the value of your library?

A third grade student from Heyworth Elementary sent us a beautiful letter of how much she appreciates librarians and libraries. She mentions she can’t imagine a world without them, and neither can we!  We strive to be “all” our patrons want from a library.  With size, staff, and budget constraints that all government institutions face, we provide our patrons a great value for their tax dollars.  Property owners in the Heyworth Public Library District pay an average of $65.00 a year to their library.  So what is your return on investment?

There is a way to easily calculate this. Based on generally accepted costs for materials and services, you can compute the value of your library.  Here’s a typical scenario:

How often do you visit the library?  Let’s say weekly.

How many of each item/service do you typically use each week?  Let’s say 2 hardcover adult books($55.98),3 children’s books ($18.00), 1 magazine ($4.99), 3 DVDs ($50.97), 3 downloadable songs from Freegal ($3.89), 1 hour on the computer ($1.00),  and 1 downloadable eBook from Overdrive ($6.99).

That would be a cost of $141.82 for a week’s worth of material, and let’s multiply that by only 50 weeks.  The yearly benefit would be $7,091.00!  Many other services such as our programs, interlibrary loans, audiobooks, paperback books, large print books, free use of cake pans, online catalog, and library apps were not included in this scenario.

There is so much value at your Heyworth Public Library.  We are so much LARGER than our Walls!

Don’t forget to give Overdrive, Freegal, and Bookmyne a try!  See our website at heyworthlibrary.com for more information.

More things you can do at your Heyworth Public Library:

•    Drop off Box Tops labels and gently worn Hornet clothing to

support Heyworth Grade School.

•    Drop off recently expired coupons for our military members overseas.

•    Recycle HP printer cartridges.

•    Check out cake pans for FREE for 7 days.

•    Use the library’s die-cut machine to make poster letters, shapes, and holiday designs. Bring your own construction paper.

•    View Heyworth High School yearbooks.

•    Donate newer, gently used books to our ongoing Book Sale corner.

•    Watch a movie every Friday after school at your library.

•    Use our Microfiche reader to view back issues of the Heyworth Star or Heyworth Natural Gas.

•    Download eBooks or audio books from our Overdrive link on our website or use the Overdrive App on Kindles, Nooks, Apple, and Android products.

SUMMER HOURS:  All hours remain the same; EXCEPT on Tuesdays we will be open from 10-5 pm for the months of JUNE/JULY/AUGUST.

Upcoming Programs:

Friday Afterschool Movies Every Friday @ 3:20pm (Last one to close the school year will be May 24.)

Monday Evening Book Club  6/3 @ 6:30pm; (NOTICE DATE CHANGE FOR MAY due to library closure for Memorial Day.) The book selection is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

4th Monday Evening Book Club 6/24 @ 6:30pm; The Fourth Monday of the Month; Join us as we read a wide selection of books and discuss what we liked and didn’t like.

  • June 6/24: Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire
  • July 7/22:  Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik
  • Aug 8/26:  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson

BLOCK Party: LEGO Time!  5/28 (Tue) @ 3:20pm; fourth Tuesday of each month. Join us as we enjoy being creative and build our imaginations.

The Scrapbooking Hour(s) 5/28 (Tue) @ 5pm–8pm; Come and go as you need to, bring your own supplies/snacks, and meet with others who love to scrapbook.  We will meet EVERY last Tuesday of the Month through May.  We will take a break for summer, and then continue next September!

Couponing 101 5/13 (Mon) @ 6:30pm; Bring your coupons to swap, learn about websites to help make the most of your shopping dollars, and learn how to become a secret shopper.

New Material on shelves:

DVD Movie titles:

Zero Dark Thirty and Red Dawn are available this week. Our NEW DVD movies can be loaned for three nights for $1.00. All others are available for 7 nights for $1.00.

Adult: Judge by R.J. Larson; The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult; Bad Blood by Dana Stabenow; Baseball Forecaster and Encyclopedia by Ron Shandler; Sandra Lee Semi Homemade Cooking; Mystery Woman by Amanda Quick; The Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

Young Adult: Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl; Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher.

Children: The Camping Trip that Changed America by Barb Rosenstock; Buzz About Bees by Kari-Lynn Winters; Larry Gets Lost in Chicago by Michael Mullin and John Skewes; Everybody Bonjours by Leslie Kimmelman; Friends Forever by Helen Murray; Fire Away: Asking Great Interview Questions by Ann Truesdell; Illinois: What’s So Great About This State? by Kate Boehm Jerome; The Puppy Place: Guide to Puppies by Ellen Miles; American Girl Doll Play; Who is Barack Obama by Roberta Edwards; Who is Bill Gates by Patricia Brennan Demuth; Who is J.K. Rowling by Pamela Pollack; Who is Jane Goodall by Roberta Edwards; Who is Maria Tallchief by Catherine Gourley; Who is Neil Armstrong by Roberta Edwards.


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