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Weekly Newsletter ~ March 13, 2014

Mark your calendars for March 24 and join The Heyworth History Club in the Heyworth Library Community Room at 10 am.  We meet on the fourth Friday of each month.  Join us as we investigate, record, and archive Randolph Township History.  We welcome anyone with an interest in history; or those who would like to add to the Alexander History room collection.


Heyworth History Club – History Mystery Photo #5 The Heyworth Public Library holds in it’s archive this picture of a man in a three wheeled vehicle on Main St. in Heyworth, circa 1957 (according to the digital file name. It was submitted as a digital photo with the file marked as Roseman, 1957. If anyone can give us any clues to this mystery picture, we would be very interested in learning more about the person and vehicle, and to know what was going on in the picture in 1957.


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