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Weekly Newsletter ~ May 8, 2014

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 23 and join The Heyworth History Club in the Heyworth Library Community Room at 10 a.m.  We meet on the fourth Friday of each month.  Join us as we investigate, record, and archive Randolph Township History.  We welcome anyone with an interest in history; or those who would like to add to the Alexander History room collection.  Thank you to all who attended the Randolph Township History Symposium last week.  A lively discussion by the 41 attendees was had about much of the history that has been made in this township.  We are so grateful for the items that were shared and donated to the Heyworth Library for our local history collection.  More to come in a later edition of the Buzz.

Horses and a wagon

Heyworth History Club – History Mystery Photo #9 and #10. East of Heyworth was the location of an annual horse fair. If you have any information or memorabilia of these events please let us know, and share copies with the library.

Horses in a line


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