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1015 Face/Off R
1103 Facing the Giants PG
511 Fahrenheit 9/11 R
811 Failure to Launch PG-13
1536 Faith like Potatoes PG
1411 Fall, The R
1632 Fame PG
110 Family Man, The PG-13
785 Family Stone, The PG-13
1478 Family That Preys, The PG-13
702 Fantastic 4 PG-13
1231 Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer PG
1673 Fantastic Mr. Fox PG
2449 Far From the Madding Crowd PG-13
901 Fargo R
2464 Farmland (Free Use) G
1565 Fast & Furious PG-13
2231 Fast & Furious 6 PG-13
148 Fast and the Furious, The PG-13
1908 Fast Five PG-13
1130 Fast Food Nation R
594 Fat Albert PG
973 Father of the Bride PG
2331 Fault in Our Stars, The PG-13
1300 Feast of Love R
1169 Felicity: An American Girl Adventure G
666 Fever Pitch PG-13
931 Field of Dreams PG
2425 Fifty Shades of Grey R
420 Fighting Temptations, The PG-13
1951 Final Destination R
128 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within PG-13
1346 Final Season, The PG
383 Finding Nemo G
596 Finding Neverland PG
1200 Firehouse Dog PG
1488 Fireproof PG
798 Firewall PG-13
948 Firm, The R
564 First Daughter PG
1357 First Sunday PG-13
109 Fitness:  Bikini Ready Fast! PG
119 Fitness:  Burn & Shape PG
122 Fitness:  Cardio Dance Slim Down PG
111 Fitness:  Cardio Sculpt PG
115 Fitness:  Crunch – Cardio Dance Blast PG
108 Fitness:  Pyramid Lower and Upper Body PG
116 Fitness:  The Firm – Ultimate Fat Burning Workout PG
101 Fitness:  Total Body Pilates PG
123 Fitness:  Total Body Toner PG
125 Fitness:  Yoga & Sculpting PG
2170 Fitness:  Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain PG
2171 Fitness:  Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders PG
585 Five People You Meet in Heaven, The G
2026 Five-Year Engagement, The R
1109 Flags of our Fathers R
1415 Flawless PG-13
2095 Flight R
729 Flightplan PG-13
2284 Flowers in the Attic PG-13
1121 Flushed Away PG
1451 Fly Me to the Moon G
1100 Flyboys PG-13
2435 Focus R
1598 Food, Inc. PG
1379 Fool’s Gold PG-13
1961 Footloose PG-13
2058 For Greater Glory R
1414 Forbidden Kingdom, The PG-13
930 Forest Gump PG-13
567 Forgotten, The PG-13
1162 Fountain, The PG-13
1606 Four Christmases PG-13
292 Four Feathers, The PG-13
914 Four Weddings and a Funeral R
1701 Fourth Kind, The PG-13
883 Fox and the Hound 2, The G
852 Fox and the Hound, The G
2410 Foxcatcher R
1207 Fracture R
222 Frailty R
2100 Frankenweenie PG
1911 Fraud:  An Inside Look (Free Use) G
1817 Freakonomics PG-13
402 Freaky Friday PG
1447 Fred Claus PG
2295 Freebirds PG
568 Friday Night Lights PG-13
906 Fried Green Tomatoes PG-13
838 Friends with Money R
1036 Fringe (Season 1:  Disc 1-3) PG
1037 Fringe (Season 1:  Disc 4,5) PG
1038 Fringe (Season 1:  Disc 6,7) PG
185 From Hell R
1705 From Paris with Love R
2202 From Up On Poppy Hill PG
2069 From Your Lips to God’s Ears PG
1529 Frost Nixon R
2271 Frozen PG
1503 Frozen River R
772 Fun with Dick and Jane PG-13
1375 Funny Games R
2458 Furious 7 PG-13
1744 Furry Vengeance PG
2395 Fury R

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It looks like Spring may appear this weekend! So stop on by to gather gardening and landscape design books. 🌷💐Or pick up cleaning how-to-manuals, such as Martha Stewart’s most recent The Martha Manual. 🧹🧺 Then get side tracked by a best seller and enjoy reading in the warmth of the sun under a light blanket this afternoon. 🌞🌞🌞 Don’t forget to sign up for: Author John Schirle’s program Explore Illinois 3/25 @ 6 pm And Money Smart Week Program | College Financial Planning Strategies, 4/1 @ 6:30 (Illustration by Jeff Paslay / The Seattle Times)
If you are thinking of attending John Schirle’s Explore Illinois presentation please sign up today. We have reached over 6K, with over 100 interested on social media, BUT it’s the sign up sheet in the library that guides whether we cancel a program. Please let us know if you are attending. 473-2323 Join us as John Schirle presents some of the fascinating and diverse places to explore in outdoor Illinois. John is from Decatur, Illinois, and is the author of Best Tent Camping: Illinois, 2nd edition, published in 2018 by Menasha Ridge Press. Over the years he’s explored venues all across the state. He’ll present material from his book, as well as other outdoor guides he uses and recommends.
Last one 🙁 until June, when summer reading programming begins😍! Family Storytime is geared for pre-school through first grade. However the whole family is welcome to join in on the fun. Come explore, participate in art, and enjoy stories. This Thursday is all about big & little!
All about numbers tonight at Family Storytime1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣!
3:30 pm today! Learn to knit - 6th grade on up. Or K - 8th graders join us for Legos.