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Little Free Library

Tom Pickett, Lisa Shaffer, and Dennis Lawyer

The Heyworth Public Library is excited to announce the addition of a Little Free Library installed at Centennial Park in the playground area.  The Little Free Library was built by Heyworth resident, Tom Pickett, who has been working on the project for the last four months.  Tom has generously donated his time to the project. 

The Little Free Library was built in memory of Vivian Mouser.  Vivian joined the Heyworth Public Library in June 1966 and was appointed Director in February 1967.  She retired as Director in June 1993, but continued to work at the library until June 2000.

A Little Free Library is a free book sharing box where anyone can take a book or leave a book to share with someone.  You do not need to leave a book in order to take a book.

The Little Free Library will be filled with books donated to Heyworth Public Library or books no longer in circulation.  The Little Free Library will be open from March through November each year. 

The Heyworth Public Library Trustees would like to recognize the generous donations received in Vivian’s memory that made this project possible.  We would also like to thank Brian Aho and the Village of Heyworth employees, especially Robbie, Scott and Joe, for helping with the installation and Tom Pickett for his work on the Little Free Library and memorial sign.

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