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610 I Am David PG
1332 I Am Legend PG-13
1861 I Am Number Four PG-13
1630 I Can Do Bad All by Myself PG-13
403 I Capture the Castle R
2060 I Have Tourette’s But Tourette’s Doesn’t Have Me (Free Use) G
1594 I Love You, Beth Cooper PG-13
1570 I Love You, Man R
1249 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry PG-13
2286 I, Frankenstein PG-13
538 I, Robot PG-13
1359 I’m Not There R
251 Ice Age PG
2082 Ice Age: Continental Drift PG-13
1596 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs PG
866 Ice Age: The Meltdown PG
647 Ice Princess G
360 Identity R
2151 Identity Thief R
2368 If I Stay PG-13
286 Igby Goes Down R
1479 IGOR PG
1930 I’ll Remember April PG
2455 I’ll See You In My Dreams PG-13
2406 Illinois Terminal (Free Use) PG
896 Illusionist, The PG-13
1684 Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus PG-13
1607 Imagine That PG
2417 Imitation Game, The PG-13
1962 Immortals R
246 Importance of Being Earnest, The PG
2136 Impossible, The PG-13
465 In America PG-13
1383 In Bruges R
732 In Her Shoes PG-13
216 In the Bedroom R
1316 In the Shadow of the Moon PG
1326 In the Valley of Elah R
1800 Inception PG-13
873 Inconvenient Truth (Free Use) PG
2164 Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The PG-13
1432 Incredible Hulk, The PG-13
591 Incredibles, The PG
1430 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull PG-13
994 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade PG-13
992 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark PG
993 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom PG
1123 Infamous R
1652 Informant!, The R
1620 Inglourious Basterds R
1554 Inkheart PG
826 Inside Man R
2474 Inside Out PG
1824 Inside the Milky Way (Free Use) G
1881 Insidious PG-13
2238 Insidious:  Chapter 2 PG-13
2462 Insidious:  Chapter 3 PG-13
237 Insomnia R
2448 Insurgent PG-13
1549 International, The R
2418 Interstellar PG-13
686 Into the West PG
1321 Into The Wild R
2413 Into the Woods PG
428 Intolerable Cruelty PG-13
1296 Invasion, The PG-13
1045 Inventing the Abbotts R
1635 Invention of Lying, The PG-13
1695 Invictus PG-13
886 Invincible PG
206 Iris R
1018 Iron Giant, The PG
1973 Iron Lady, The PG-13
1424 Iron Man PG-13
1770 Iron Man 2 PG-13
2204 Iron Man 3 PG-13
1609 Is Anybody There? PG-13
706 Island, The PG-13
308 I-Spy PG-13
2443 It Follows R
380 It Runs in the Family PG-13
536 It’s a Wonderful Life G
1685 It’s Complicated R
378 Italian Job, The PG-13
1826 It’s Kind of a Funny Story PG-13
1008 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown G
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