Heyworth Public Library District

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257 K-19: The Widowmaker PG-13
1773 Karate Kid, The PG
188 Kate & Leopold PG-13
2070 Kathy Smith Step Workout G
2045 Katy Perry: The Movie Part of Me PG
1124 Keeping Mum R
1735 Kick-Ass R
2229 Kick-Ass 2 R
674 Kicking & Screaming PG
1790 Kids Are All Right, The R
450 Kill Bill: Volume 1 R
483 Kill Bill: Volume 2 R
1871 Kill the Irishman R
1947 Killer Elite R
1754 Killers PG-13
2125 Killing Them Softly R
872 King and I, The G
541 King Arthur PG-13
764 King Kong PG-13
1883 King Speaks, The PG
2015 King Tut:  Secrets Revealed (Free Use) PG
676 Kingdom of Heaven R
1281 Kingdom, The R
1853 King’s Speech, The R
2437 Kingsman:  The Secret Service R
808 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang R
1433 Kit Kittredge: An American Girl G
1338 Kite Runner, The PG-13
1809 Knight and Day PG-13
1226 Knocked Up R
1561 Knowing PG-13
707 Kronk’s New Grove G
1437 Kung Fu Panda PG
1944 Kung Fu Panda 2 PG
2028 Kung Fu Panda:  Secrets of the Furious Five (Free Use) G
2029 Kung Fu Panda:  Secrets of the Masters (Free Use) G

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The Heyworth Public Library will be closed Monday, November 11. You can always use the apps if you find yourself in need of reading material! Thank you to all those who have served! We appreciate all that you have done! #heyworthlibrary
#bookmarksandrecommendations We love it when you recommend books to us! This was recommended for those who like western style mysteries. The tv show ‘Longmire’ is based off the books but the recommendation was that the #booksarebetter . So, if you are intrigued pick up one of Craig Johnson’s books soon! #heyworthlibrary #librariesofillinois #librariesofinstagram #librarycards #bookseries
Milton Bradley was born Nov 8, 1836. So why not celebrate his birthday and visit the library and play a board game! #heyworthlibrary #librariesofinstagram #librariesofillinois #nolibrarycardneeded #boardgames
Adventure Club will be meeting November 21st at 3:30 pm. This #bookclub is for fourth thru eighth graders and there is still plenty of time for you to read and join us! Ask for your copy today! #heyworthlibrary #teensread #librariesofinstagram #librariesofillinois #publiclibraries #librarycards #jordansonnenblick
Don’t forget to sign up for your personalized reading night kit! Last day to email us your information is Wednesday, November 6th! Email to questions@heyworthlibrary.com We need family members ages and favorite books and movies for everyone in the family. Pickup will be Nov 20 and 21! Call or email with questions! #familyreadingnight #heyworthlibrary #librariesofinstagram #publiclibraries #librariesofillinois #checkitout #reading #librarycards #librarycardneeded