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825 R.V. PG
1852 Rabbit Hole PG-13
429 Rabbit- Proof Fence PG
2017 Race to Space PG
1568 Race to Witch Mountain PG
1507 Rachel Getting Married R
620 Racing Stripes PG
915 Rain Man R
512 Raising Helen PG-13
1365 Rambo R
1785 Ramona and Beezus G
1879 Rango PG
149 Rat Race PG-13
1248 Ratatouille G
2072 Raven, The R
573 Ray PG-13
1528 Reader, The R
1241 Reaping, The R
710 Rebound PG
322 Recruit, The PG-13
1820 Red PG-13
2223 Red 2 PG-13
2120 Red Dawn PG-13
304 Red Dragon R
722 Red Eye PG-13
1748 Red Riding R
1869 Red Riding Hood PG-13
1088 Red River PG
1057 Red Skelton:  King of Laughter PG
1996 Red Tails PG-13
1405 Redbelt R
2300 Redemption of Henry Myers, The PG
1027 Reef, The G
1237 Reign over Me R
1711 Remember Me PG-13
1312 Rendition R
1178 Reno 911: Miami, The Movie R
1259 Rescue Dawn PG-13
1032 Reservoir Dogs R
2087 Resident Evil:  Retribution R
1343 Resurrecting the Champ PG-13
2134 Return to Nim’s Island PG
971 Revenge of the Pink Panther PG
1546 Revolutionary Road R
2419 Rewrite, The PG-13
2241 Riddick R
2282 Ride Along PG-13
169 Riding in Cars with Boys PG-13
1472 Righteous Kill R
667 Ring Two, The PG-13
1888 Rio G
2309 Rio 2 G
1091 Rio Bravo PG
2114 Rise of the Guardians PG
1040 Rite, The PG-13
289 Road to Perdition R
1700 Road, The R
2315 Rob the Mob R
499 Robin Hood G
1766 Robin Hood PG-13
2297 RoboCop PG-13
669 Robots PG
2056 Rock of Ages PG-13
1483 Rocker, The PG-13
1001 Romancing the Stone PG
217 Rookie, The G
2343 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 1) (Free Use) PG
2344 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 2) (Free Use) PG
2345 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 3) (Free Use) PG
2346 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 4) (Free Use) PG
2347 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 5) (Free Use) PG
2348 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 6) (Free Use) PG
2349 Roosevelts:  An Intimate History, The (Episode 7) (Free Use) PG
221 Roughing It PG
928 Roxanne PG
392 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer G
789 Rumor Has It… PG-13
2441 Run All Night R
1423 Run, Fat Boy, Run PG-13
434 Runaway Jury PG-13
1724 Runaways, The R
442 Rundown, The PG-13
800 Running Scared R
1115 Running with Scissors R
2248 Rush R
1279 Rush Hour 3 PG-13

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Hop 🐰 on over to the library today. Cake pans, board games (The large chess set is set up in Community Room.), free DVD loans, aaaaaannd books! Happy Saturday🐰🐤🌷#spring #hpld #nationalpoetrymonth #cakedecorating #cake #cakesofinstagram
Mark this date and clean out your medicine cabinet.
Celebrating National Poetry Month with local Poets. ❤️ 🗝Wanda Kirby Gardner 🗝Fontella Hinhaw Haycraft 🗝Ron Navis All three have a sample of their work displayed in the library. Do you have a poem we could display? Send it in or drop it by, we would love to display it. #librariesstrong #nationalpoetrymonth #nationallibraryweek #hpld
Day 2 of National Library Week! How do you Library? #MyLibraryMyStory #LibrariesStrong #NationalLibraryWeek #hpld
What is Explore More Illinois? Explore More Illinois is a free service provided by your Heyworth Public Library providing instant online access to free and discounted tickets to museums, science centers, sporting events, zoos, park districts, theatres, and other fun and local cultural venues. This is a brand new statewide program, please check in periodically to see the new offerings as they are entered into the system! How do I get a Pass? Log in with your library card credentials and browse for passes by date or attractions. Make your reservation and print or download your pass shortly before your visit. You can have two active reservations per library card. Please cancel your reservation(s) if unable to attend, otherwise the reservation will count as being used. Remember that once you print or download your pass you cannot cancel your reservation. https://exploremore.quipugroup.net/?Heyworth