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X, Y, Z

395 X2: X-Men United PG-13
1453 X-Files: I Want to Believe PG-13
1580 X-Men Origins: Wolverine PG-13
2350 X-Men:  Days of Future Past PG-13
1899 X-Men:  First Class PG-13
845 X-Men:  The Last Stand PG-13
272 XXX: Triple X PG-13
1587 Year One PG-13
1524 Yes Man PG-13
1827 You Again PG
1428 You Don’t Mess with the Zohan PG-13
1238 You Kill Me R
910 You’ve Got Mail PG
1421 Young at Heart PG
546 Young Black Stallion G
1679 Young Victoria, The PG
748 Yours, Mine, and Ours PG
738 Zathura PG
2119 Zero Dark Thirty R
1641 Zombieland R
1111 Zoom: Academy for Superheroes PG
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