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Winter Read 2019|Explore Illinois


The Winter READ 2019|Explore Illinois begins February 1!

For adults and teens we will hold our Sixth Annual Blind Date with a Book in February. We have selected quirky, classic, non-fiction and popular literature that is associated with the state of Illinois and wrapped it up with a bow. You select the wrapped book, check it out, and take it home. Give the book a read, then Rate Your Date! We will provide a bookmark to rate your date—fill out  your bookmark and turn it in to be entered in a drawing for one of 2 HPLD Library Totes. We are not arranging marriages, and not a dime has to be spent! Just give a new book a try—you never know which new favorite author or genre you might fall in love with.

Children, 3 years – 6th grade, will also be able to participate in a modified version of Blind Date with a Book.  Just checkout 3 books that are related to the Explore Illinois theme for Winter READ 2019 and choose a free book from the book cart!

In March all ages will receive a ticket for every book, audio book, eBook, or magazine checked out. The tickets will go in a drawing for one of five Dr. Seuss books or many other prizes of your choice.  Prizes are on display in the library.

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