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Search the RSAcat Catalog

The RSAcat library catalog helps users take advantage of the millions of items from over 145 libraries and their branches in the regional Resource Sharing Alliance (RSA).


How do I search the RSAcat library catalog?

  • Enter a search term into the box near the top of the page.
  • If you like, you can also use the dropdown menus to the left of the box to specify a library or group of libraries to search, as well as the type of search term you have entered (title, author, ISBN, etc.).

If your search returns multiple items, you will see a search results page like this:


You have many new features to explore from the search results page, including:

  • The Limit Search Results options in the left margin to help narrow your search making it easier for you to zero in on just what you need.
  • The Select an Action menu to place holds, add items to a list, or text/email/print item details for later referral
  • The Sort By menu to adjust how the search results are sorted, from most relevant first to newest or oldest first or alphabetical by title or author.
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