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132 Baby Einstein:  Baby Beethoven (Free Use) G
1976 Baby Einstein:  Baby da Vinci (Free Use) G
1977 Baby Einstein:  Baby MacDonald (Free Use) G
130 Baby Einstein:  Baby Noah (Free Use) G
1979 Baby Einstein:  Baby Wordsworth (Free Use) G
1980 Baby Einstein:  Baby’s First Moves (Free Use) G
1978 Baby Einstein:  World Animals (Free Use) G
1413 Baby Mama PG-13
953 Back to the Future I PG
954 Back to the Future II PG
955 Back to the Future III PG
1747 Back-Up Plan, The PG-13
247 Bad Company PG-13
2260 Bad Grandpa R
1675 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans R
703 Bad News Bears (2005- New Version) PG-13
1920 Bad Teacher R
1795 Ballerina (Free Use) G
1278 Balls of Fury PG-13
593 Bambi G
739 Bambi II G
172 Bandits PG-13
1661 Bandslam PG
278 Banger Sisters, The R
1473 Bangkok Dangerous R
1396 Bank Job, The R
474 Barber Shop 2: Back in Business PG-13
2335 Barbie and the Secret Door G
2181 Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess G
875 Barnyard PG
335 Basic R
630 Batman PG
678 Batman Begins PG-13
1581 Battle for Terra PG
2025 Battleship PG-13
1875 Beastly PG-13
2079 Beasts of the Southern Wild PG-13
2148 Beautiful Creatures PG-13
238 Beauty and the Beast G
1897 Beaver, The PG-13
1167 Because I Said So PG-13
1079 Because of Winn-Dixie PG
1306 Becoming Jane PG
1521 Bedtime Stories PG
1330 Bee Movie PG
902 Beetle Juice PG
1347 Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead R
2355 Begin Again R
1934 Beginners PG-13
606 Being Julia R
2037 Bel Ami R
1395 Bella PG-13
819 Benchwarmers PG-13
1318 Beowulf PG-13
1017 Beowulf & Grendel R
1222 Berenstain Bears Get Organized, The G
2023 Bernie PG-13
2039 Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The PG-13
2257 Best Man Holiday, The R
2391 Best of Me, The PG-13
2252 Best of Turkey Bowhunting tv (Free Use) PG
1502 Beverly Hills Chihuahua PG
2156 Beverly Lewis’ The Confession PG
682 Bewitched PG-13
643 Beyond the Sea PG-13
2128 Bible:  The Epic Miniseries (Disc 1), The PG
2129 Bible:  The Epic Miniseries (Disc 2), The PG
2130 Bible:  The Epic Miniseries (Disc 3), The PG
2131 Bible:  The Epic Miniseries (Disc 4), The PG
939 Big PG
481 Big Bounce, The PG-13
2421 Big Eyes PG-13
228 Big Fat Liar PG
454 Big Fish PG-13
2405 Big Hero 6 PG
1086 Big Jake PG
2008 Big Miracle PG
240 Big Trouble PG-13
2195 Big Wedding, The R
1093 Bionicle 2:  Legends of Metru Nui PG
1092 Bionicle:  Mask of Light PG
2402 Birdman R
616 Birth R
212 Birthday Girl R
1080 Bite the Bullet PG
619 Black Beauty G
1765 Black Cauldron, The PG
189 Black Hawk Down R
2427 Black or White PG-13
1866 Black Swan R
608 Blade: Trinity R
1214 Blades of Glory PG-13
2332 Blended PG-13
1670 Blind Side, The PG-13
1500 Blindness R
263 Blood Work R
271 Blue Crush PG-13
2244 Blue Jasmine PG-13
1812 Bob the Builder:  The Golden Hammer G
1146 Bobby R
553 Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius PG
1495 Body of Lies R
1517 Bolt PG
1708 Book of Eli, The R
2393 Book of Life, The PG
2269 Book Thief, The PG-13
1034 Boondock Saints, The R
1492 Bottle Shock PG-13
274 Bourne Identity, The PG-13
2081 Bourne Legacy, The PG
531 Bourne Supremacy, The PG-13
1274 Bourne Ultimatum, The PG-13
1649 Box, The PG-13
2389 BoxTrolls, The PG
1506 Boy in Striped Pajamas, The PG-13
2381 BoyHood R
1261 Bratz PG
2063 Brave PG
1301 Brave One, The R
1180 Breach PG-13
1155 Breaking and Entering R
854 Break-Up, The PG-13
1532 Bride Wars PG
1904 Brides Maids R
1182 Bridge to Terabithia PG
933 Bridges of Madison County, The PG-13
1688 Bright Star PG
349 Bringing Down the House PG-13
769 Brokeback Mountain R
1105 Broken Bridges PG-13
720 Broken Flowers R
1860 Broken Hill PG
840 Broken Trail R
1717 Brooklyn’s Finest R
445 Brother Bear G
836 Brother Bear 2 G
1669 Brothers R
724 Brothers Grimm, The PG-13
2292 Brothers in War (Free Use) PG-13
394 Bruce Almighty PG-13
1910 Buck PG
1377 Bucket List, The PG-13
1835 Buried R
1838 Burlesque PG-13
1466 Burn after Reading R
1369 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee PG-13
812 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid PG
2245 Butler, The PG-13

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The Heyworth Public Library will be closed Monday, November 11. You can always use the apps if you find yourself in need of reading material! Thank you to all those who have served! We appreciate all that you have done! #heyworthlibrary
#bookmarksandrecommendations We love it when you recommend books to us! This was recommended for those who like western style mysteries. The tv show ‘Longmire’ is based off the books but the recommendation was that the #booksarebetter . So, if you are intrigued pick up one of Craig Johnson’s books soon! #heyworthlibrary #librariesofillinois #librariesofinstagram #librarycards #bookseries
Milton Bradley was born Nov 8, 1836. So why not celebrate his birthday and visit the library and play a board game! #heyworthlibrary #librariesofinstagram #librariesofillinois #nolibrarycardneeded #boardgames
Adventure Club will be meeting November 21st at 3:30 pm. This #bookclub is for fourth thru eighth graders and there is still plenty of time for you to read and join us! Ask for your copy today! #heyworthlibrary #teensread #librariesofinstagram #librariesofillinois #publiclibraries #librarycards #jordansonnenblick
Don’t forget to sign up for your personalized reading night kit! Last day to email us your information is Wednesday, November 6th! Email to questions@heyworthlibrary.com We need family members ages and favorite books and movies for everyone in the family. Pickup will be Nov 20 and 21! Call or email with questions! #familyreadingnight #heyworthlibrary #librariesofinstagram #publiclibraries #librariesofillinois #checkitout #reading #librarycards #librarycardneeded