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1469 Eagle Eye PG-13
1575 Earth G
2360 Earth to Echo PG
1286 Eastern Promises R
1806 Easy A PG-13
1599 Easy Virtue PG-13
1793 Eat, Pray, Love PG-13
1693 Edge of Darkness R
2338 Edge of Tomorrow PG-13
946 Edward Scissorhands PG-13
2013 Egypt Eternal:  The Quest for Lost Tombs (Free Use) PG
807 Eight Below PG
1089 El Dorado PG
1516 Elegy R
527 Elf (Fullscreen) PG
899 Elizabeth I R
1299 Elizabeth: The Golden Age PG-13
737 Elizabethtown PG-13
491 Ella Enchanted PG
2240 Elysium R
932 Emma PG
314 Emperor’s Club, The PG-13
117 Emperor’s New Groove G
1333 Enchanted PG
2102 End of Watch R
2261 Ender’s Game PG-13
2291 Endless Love PG-13
236 Enough PG-13
2259 Enough Said PG-13
516 Envy PG-13
2175 Epic PG
1172 Epic Movie PG-13
2380 Equalizer, The R
1135 Eragon PG
908 Erin Brockovich R
2147 Escape from Planet Earth PG
2294 Escape Plan R
507 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind R
1233 Evan Almighty PG
302 Evelyn PG
1246 Evening PG-13
1648 Everybody’s Fine PG-13
1134 Everyone’s Hero G
1901 Everything Must Go R
2177 Evil Dead R
2444 Ex Machina R
713 Exorcism of Emily Rose, The PG-13
1431 Expelled PG
2071 Expendables 2, The R
2369 Expendables 3, The PG-13
1794 Expendables, The R
1480 Express, The PG
1631 Extract R
1697 Extraordinary Measures PG
2001 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close PG-13
1370 Eye, The PG-13

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Hop 🐰 on over to the library today. Cake pans, board games (The large chess set is set up in Community Room.), free DVD loans, aaaaaannd books! Happy Saturday🐰🐤🌷#spring #hpld #nationalpoetrymonth #cakedecorating #cake #cakesofinstagram
Mark this date and clean out your medicine cabinet.
Celebrating National Poetry Month with local Poets. ❤️ 🗝Wanda Kirby Gardner 🗝Fontella Hinhaw Haycraft 🗝Ron Navis All three have a sample of their work displayed in the library. Do you have a poem we could display? Send it in or drop it by, we would love to display it. #librariesstrong #nationalpoetrymonth #nationallibraryweek #hpld
Day 2 of National Library Week! How do you Library? #MyLibraryMyStory #LibrariesStrong #NationalLibraryWeek #hpld
What is Explore More Illinois? Explore More Illinois is a free service provided by your Heyworth Public Library providing instant online access to free and discounted tickets to museums, science centers, sporting events, zoos, park districts, theatres, and other fun and local cultural venues. This is a brand new statewide program, please check in periodically to see the new offerings as they are entered into the system! How do I get a Pass? Log in with your library card credentials and browse for passes by date or attractions. Make your reservation and print or download your pass shortly before your visit. You can have two active reservations per library card. Please cancel your reservation(s) if unable to attend, otherwise the reservation will count as being used. Remember that once you print or download your pass you cannot cancel your reservation. https://exploremore.quipugroup.net/?Heyworth