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147 Tailor of Panama, The R
837 Take the Lead PG-13
1540 Taken PG-13
2099 Taken 2 PG-13
494 Taking Lives R
1595 Taking of Pelham 123, The R
1522 Tale of Despereaux, The G
1718 Tales of Delight (Free Use) G
2038 Tales of Delight (Free Use) G
877 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby PG-13
1843 Tangled PG
680 Tarzan G
202 Tarzan & Jane G
634 Tarzan II G
579 Taxi PG-13
325 Tears of the Sun R
2080 Ted R
2379 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PG-13
387 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines R
1611 Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins PG-13
2476 Terminator:  Genisys PG-13
850 Thank You for Smoking R
2288 That Awkward Moment R
1753 That Evening Sun PG-13
2048 That’s My Boy R
745 Their Eyes Were Watching God PG-13
1412 Then She Found Me R
2403 Theory of Everything, The PG-13
1344 There Will Be Blood R
2024 Think Like a Man PG-13
1440 This Christmas PG-13
2124 This is 40 R
1727 Thomas & Friends:  Creaky Cranky G
1902 Thomas & Friends:  Day of the Diesels G
2207 Thomas & Friends:  King of the Railway G
1916 Thomas & Friends:  Merry Christmas, Thomas! G
1752 Thomas & Friends:  Misty Island Resue G
1845 Thomas & Friends:  Wobbly Wheels & Whistles G
2266 Thor:  The Dark World PG-13
801 Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The R
493 Three Musketeers, The R
2021 Three Stooges, The PG
545 Thunderbirds PG
201 Time Machine, The PG-13
1645 Time Traveler’s Wife, The PG-13
448 Timeline PG-13
1435 Tinker Bell G
1602 Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure G
1964 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy R
921 Titanic PG-13
1204 TMNT PG
178 To Kill a Mockingbird PG
2090 To Rome with Love R
1734 To Save a Life PG-13
1907 Tom and Huck PG
2467 Tomorrowland PG
1690 Tooth Fairy PG
984 Tootsie PG
2411 Top Five R
2084 Total Recall PG-13
1867 Tourist, The PG-13
1957 Tower Heist PG-13
129 Town & Country R
1808 Town, The R
1046 Toy Story G
1786 Toy Story 3 G
990 Trail of the Pink Panther PG
170 Training Day R
2477 Trainwreck R
1463 Traitor PG-13
1541 Trans Siberian R
2314 Transcendence PG-13
1239 Transformers PG-13
2339 Transformers:  Age of Extinction PG-13
1913 Transformers:  Dark of the Moon PG-13
1589 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen PG-13
721 Transporter 2 PG-13
1510 Transporter 3 PG-13
1021 Transporter, The PG-13
2004 Treasure Buddies G
313 Treasure Planet PG
778 Tristan & Isolde PG-13
1848 Tron Legacy PG
1444 Tropic Thunder R
2083 Trouble with the Curve PG-13
558 Troy R
1863 True Grit PG-13
1885 Trust R
306 Truth about Charlie, The PG-13
293 Tuck Everlasting PG
2217 Turbo PG
294 Tuxedo, The PG-13
1075 TV Westerns Collection (Disc 1) PG
1076 TV Westerns Collection (Disc 2) PG
1077 TV Westerns Collection (Disc 3) PG
1078 TV Westerns Collection (Disc 4) PG
1515 Twilight PG-13
1959 Twilight:  Breaking Dawn, Part 1 PG-13
2113 Twilight:  Breaking Dawn, Part 2 PG-13
1798 Twilight:  Eclipse PG-13
1667 Twilight:  New Moon PG-13
543 Two Brothers PG
751 Two for the Money R
1558 Two Lovers R
1229 Two Weeks R
312 Two Weeks Notice PG-13
2367 Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas PG-13
2167 Tyler Perry’s Temptation PG-13
2319 Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club PG-13

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It looks like Spring may appear this weekend! So stop on by to gather gardening and landscape design books. 🌷💐Or pick up cleaning how-to-manuals, such as Martha Stewart’s most recent The Martha Manual. 🧹🧺 Then get side tracked by a best seller and enjoy reading in the warmth of the sun under a light blanket this afternoon. 🌞🌞🌞 Don’t forget to sign up for: Author John Schirle’s program Explore Illinois 3/25 @ 6 pm And Money Smart Week Program | College Financial Planning Strategies, 4/1 @ 6:30 (Illustration by Jeff Paslay / The Seattle Times)
If you are thinking of attending John Schirle’s Explore Illinois presentation please sign up today. We have reached over 6K, with over 100 interested on social media, BUT it’s the sign up sheet in the library that guides whether we cancel a program. Please let us know if you are attending. 473-2323 Join us as John Schirle presents some of the fascinating and diverse places to explore in outdoor Illinois. John is from Decatur, Illinois, and is the author of Best Tent Camping: Illinois, 2nd edition, published in 2018 by Menasha Ridge Press. Over the years he’s explored venues all across the state. He’ll present material from his book, as well as other outdoor guides he uses and recommends.
Last one 🙁 until June, when summer reading programming begins😍! Family Storytime is geared for pre-school through first grade. However the whole family is welcome to join in on the fun. Come explore, participate in art, and enjoy stories. This Thursday is all about big & little!
All about numbers tonight at Family Storytime1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣!
3:30 pm today! Learn to knit - 6th grade on up. Or K - 8th graders join us for Legos.