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821 V for Vendetta R
1236 Vacancy R
1698 Valentine’s Day PG-13
709 Valiant G
1538 Valkyrie PG-13
1650 Vampire’s Assistant, The PG-13
515 Van Helsing PG-13
570 Vanity Fair PG-13
145 Vatel PG-13
1927 Veggie Tales:  Bob Lends a Helping Hand G
1774 Veggie Tales:  It’s A Meaningful Life G
1905 Veggie Tales:  Larry Learns to Listen G
1895 Veggie Tales:  Princess and the Popstar G
1737 Veggie Tales:  Sweetpea Beauty:  A Girl After God’s Own Heart G
2169 Veggie Tales:  The League of Incredible Vegetables G
1917 Veggie Tales:  The Little Drummer Boy G
2165 Veggie Tales:  The Little House That Stood G
1429 Veggie Tales:  The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything G
1116 Veggie Tales:  The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s G
1847 Veggie Tales:  ‘Twas The Night Before Easter G
2189 Veggietales:  MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle G
1163 Venus R
614 Vera Drake R
2285 Veronica Mars PG-13
362 View from the Top PG-13
557 Village, The PG-13
1434 Visitor, The PG-13
1990 Vow, The PG-13

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“The world is not tame.” One of our staff is reading this #youngadultbook, a survival story, ‘Be Not Far From Me’ by @mindymcginnisauthor. #hpldstaffreads #librariesofinstagram #read #books #publiclibrary #thrillerbooks
Continue the guessing with Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Avonlea”. Have you read this classic series? “A tall Slim Girl, ‘Half Past Sixteen,’ with serious gray eyes and hair which her friends called auburn, had sat down on the broad red sandstone doorstep of a Prince Edward Island farmhouse one ripe afternoon in August, firmly resolved to construe so many lines of Virgil.” Check out The Libby app if you want to read more from this series! #hpldstaffreads #classicbooks #librariesofinstagram #heyworthpubliclibrary #middlegradereads #bookseries
#hpldstaffreads Don’t forget to check out books with Axis 360 and Libby. Which staff is reading #philippagregory ‘Tidelands’? “The church was gray against a paler gray sky, the bell tower dark against the darker clouds.” #librariesofinstagram #heyworthlibrary #books #read #keepcalmandreadbooks #historicalfiction
#hpldstaffreads “The Numbers Game” begins with this line, “Pennie Jackson had just finished her junior year at one of the best private high schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. @officialdaniellesteel #librariesofinstagram #heyworthlibrary #publiclibraries #books #bookfirstlines #read
“A spring of no spring.” #hpldstaffreads “The Stars are Fire” by Anita Shreve. Can you guess? #librariesofinstagram #heyworthlibrary #read #books #bookclub