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Weekly Newsletter ~ June 4, 2014

Mark your calendars now for the next Randolph Township History Symposium to be held at the Heyworth Public Library on Tuesday, September 16, at 6:30 p.m.   We will be focusing our attention on the Randolph Township and surrounding local schools of days gone by.  If you, your parents, or your grandparents attended any of the following schools, or if you have information on any of them, please give the library a call at 473-2313 or send us an email at questions@heyworthlibrary.com.
We need information of all kinds (pictures, report cards, programs, etc…) on any of the following schools:  Fairview (also called Davis and Mud Creek), Short PointMorgan (also called Shiloh), Lytleville, Center, Bloomingdale, Pleasant ValleySparta, Eldorado, Adrian, and Frog Pond.  All of the schools mentioned became a part of the Heyworth Unit District #4 in 1948 In addition, if you have any information about the early “one room” schools within the village of Heyworth, we would appreciate that as well.
Whether or not you can provide any information, we hope that you will plan now to attend the Fall RTHS in September.  Our first symposium was well attended with 41 participants, and we are hoping to exceed that number of attendees at the September gathering. Please sign up to attend at the Heyworth Public Library so we can begin planning.


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